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534 West 159th Street  2C

New York, New York  10032

91 7 - 5 4 1 - 6 6 9 2



EDUCATION        1972        Rhode Island School of Design, R.I.S.D. Bachelor of Fine Arts


            2020        The Gottlieb Foundation Emergency Grant

                            The Haven Foundation Grant

                            CERF+Emergency  Assistance Grant




            2024        Fashion Forward  "B" Dry Goods, Brooklyn, New York


            2020        Begin Anew,  The Royal Society of American Arts, Williamsburg, NY

            2019        Materialized,  Hampden Gallery ,  Amherst MA 


            2018        Fashion Forward Exhibit at Kabinett Gallery, Boston, MA.


            2016        Exhibit Governors Island Art Fair 2016  4Heads    


            2016        Exhibit 10 Sullivan Street, NYC


            2015        In residence for jewelry MAD Museum in conjunction with Loot 2015 Show


            2015        Pierogi Gallery 15th Annual Gravity Race        


            2015        Pinafore on exhibit at 500 West 26th Street  NYC for Mise en Scene Design    


            2013-2014    Exhibit Specialist for the Wildlife Conservation Society at the Bronx Zoo    


            2013        Kentler International Drawing Center  Fundraising Auction


            2012        Museum of Art and Design, NYC, Gilding Seminar


            2011        Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum Art Daze 


            2011        Showcase Exhibit MAD Museum 6th Floor


            2011        Museum of Art and Design  Artist in Residence Open Studio


            2009        Metal and Thread, Red Hook Brooklyn, New York


            2007        Crest Hardware Show  Brooklyn, New York


            2004        Montclair Museum, Montclair , New Jersey


            2001        Pacific Studios, Brooklyn, New York


            1999        Jane Wison Marquis,  New York, New York


            1997        Fetishism in Art, Lecture Series,  Sylvia Bauer,  Munich, Germany


            1997        Crest Hardware Show, Brooklyn, New York


            1976/1977    Houston Art Car Parade 1996        


            1976        Blue Collar Pop :  Hardware House Show   Annapolis,  Maryland


            1995        One Day Art Show   Brooklyn, New York


            1995          Crest Hardware Show    Brooklyn, New York


            1994        Curator:  The Children's Art Opening,  Brooklyn, New York


            1993        The Joke Show    Four Walls Gallery   Brooklyn,  New York


            1992        The Artist as Decorator   New York School of Interior Design  New York


            1991        Open Studio Exhibiton  Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York


            1991        Organization of Independent Artist OIA Salon  New York


            1984        Bristol Art Museum   Twenty First Annual Jury Show  Bristol, Rhode Island


            1980        Boston Visual Artist's Union  Open Show II


            1980        Art Week Open Studios  Boston Massachusetts


            1977        The Art Association of Newport  Sixty-Fifth American Annual  Newpor, RI\

                    Awarded the William Hooland Drury Prize for Painting


            1977         Partiicipated in Art Underground Providence, Rhode Island


            1977        Group Show in What Cheer Arts Gallery sponsored by RI Council of the Arts





            2011        MADblog   Blog entries on the Museum's Blog.


            2009        Metal and Thread Blog  review


            1998        Houston Press  "Burning Ambition"  Shaila Dewan


            1997        Art Cars   The Ineri Foundation


            1996        World Art   Issue  4/1996  Review Crest Hardware Show   Tim Griffin


                    Patrice Yourdon, for example, constructs a dress from hundreds of black screws, 

                    referencing both surrounding power tools and  contemporary sexual vocabulary.


            1996        The New York Times   May 26,  1996


                    "Tools of the Trade:  ARt Sneaks Up on a Handyman's Haunt"  M.F.C.



COLLECITONS        2001        Barbara Staempfli Associates,  New York, NY


            2001        Agustin Hurtado  Bushwick, New York


            2001/currently    Dynaflow Studio  Hudson, New York   /    Brooklyn, New York


            2004        Maria Manhattan   New York, New York


            2009        Molly MacFadden   Museum of Art and Design, New York

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