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Artist Statement/Bio

Patrice was born in Denver, Colorado, later adopting New York as her

home.  She returned to New York after attending the Rhode Island 

School of Design to set up her studio practise.  She has traveled widely in Italy, Portugal and Spain where she found inspiration for her work.


Patrice's sculpture is made from sewn mesh recreations of dresses,

pillows and in one large project, an entire car.  Hundreds of drywall

screws are then put through the mesh, this industrial processs

creating her beautiful and suprisingly ethereal metal sculpture.


Both the Baby Clothes and Dress Series are made up of recreations

of garments from her own past.  This work echos diverse concepts, referring to ancient armour and artifacts, a duality of the delicate

and fierce as well as to the modern conversation to what it is to be feminine.


An ongoing project is the Pinafore Army, inspired in part by the 

Terracotta statues buried to protect the first August Emperor of

Qin.  This series will be assembled from components so that while

each dress is unique, it is still part of the group.



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