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Baby Clothes

Cream Shirred Baby Bonnet         2016        5 lbs.        7"/7"/14"        Nylon Mesh/Metal Screws       GIAF 2016

GIAF 2016 Exhibit

Cream Shirred Bonnet          2016          7"/7"/16"            5 lbs.            NylonMesh/Metal Screws

GIAF 2016

Black and Gold Bonnet        2015          7"/12"/12"          10 lbs.         Nylon Mesh/Metal screws

GIAF 2016

Baby Bonnet             1996              7"/7"/10"              15 lbs.             Nylon Mesh/ Metal Screws

Baby Bonnet             1996             7"/7"/10"             15 lbs.           Nylon Mesh / Metals Screws

Baby Booties           1998           3"/2"/4"            3 lbs.      

Nylon Mesh w. Metal Screws, Braided Metal Ribbon        

Baby Dress          1997          15"/18"/18"          23 lbs.          Nylon Mesh w. Metal Screws

After my initial screw pieces in the late 90's and while I was still painting large abstract paintings, I began to recreate my own baby clothes in screw sculpture.  My pom-pom baby bonnet, my crocheted booties, my pinafore dress all became the beginning of my sculptural body of work and the transformation of these delicate clothes, pink, organza, fine wool knitted shapes was immensely satisfying to me.   Without losing the essence of their ornamental qualities, they became strong, protective objects reaching far back into my own childhood.

Baby Bonnet         1996         7"/7"/10"         15 Lbs.         Nylon Mesh w. Metal Screws

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