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The Museum of Arts and Design Open Studio Residency

In 2011 I was honored to recieve the open studio residency at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.  Working in a space open to visitors gave me a chance to share my process with a new audience.  While in residence I  gained an immense new source of knowledge and expertise and an intimate glimpse into the reaction of viewers to my work.  

An absolutely a joyful time..

P  i  n  a  f  o  r  e     A  r  m  y

Now an ongoing project, my main

focus during my extended residency

was the Pinafore Army.  Seeing the

armoured pinafores as warrior girl 

dresses, I imagined rows of pinafores

when I viewed images of the terra cotta army built to protect the First August 

Emperor of Qin.


Each Pinafore will be of singular design

but similar enough in size and silhouette  

to provide a cohesive group.



Process views of the first pinafore sewn first in muslin, then in the underlying nylon mesh form and finally the finished piece with it's iridescent yellow oxide screws.

Metal Pillow         2011         4"/14"/14"         26 Lbs.         Nylon Mesh/Metal Screws/Metal Buttons        

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